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Top quality German Grand piano.  Cira 1910. #95063

C. Bechstein grand pianos fulfull musical dreams.  In the concert hall as well as at home.

Carl Bechstein founded 1853 the Pianoforte production facility in Berlin, the name Bechstein stands for the highest class of grand pianos.  Not without justification, Claude Debussy stated: “One should only write piano music for Bechstein.”

This piano is been ‘sold on behalf’ for the owner.  The piano is presently in Tauranga.

Asking price $35,000, ono



This piano has not been restored. It has recently had a new bass string replaced.  This was made in the same style as the original string. Other work was a new end key block that was also made in the style of the original. Also some damp[er work was also done. Other than that it is entirely original

  It plays and sounds lovely.   It is something special for the collector. POA 

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Living Room Grand – Model O # 221758
180cm or 5’10 & 3/4″
Brilliant tone.

This lovely piano really does need to be seen. The pictures below do not do it justice. Click to view larger image.

At the present time this instrument is of a walnut colour. It presents very well with an antique appearance. If the colour is not to your liking we can have if repolished in the colour of your choosing for a small additional cost.

Price $30,000
This represents exceptional value because Steinway’s really are the “Roll’s Royce” of pianos selling for over $120,000 new.

History of this Steinway

Ms Dolce Goodman resided in Durban and took music lessons from a teacher who was the owner of this instrument. Dolce was a diligent pupil receiving the highest score from the Royal Academy. Dolce went on to become a concert pianist. She performed throughout Europe prior to the war.

Her music teacher offers to sell the piano to Dolce and of course she does purchase.

There was a large grand piano at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. For some reason or other it wouldn’t hold its tune after tuning. Dolce’s Steinway was transported from her home to the Broadcasting Corporation. There Dolce gave a concert playing her grand piano accompanied by the South African Broadcasting Corporation circa post war.

Dolce’s piano was her life. In South Africa in those days it was mandatory for women to retire at age 55 years, but Dolce applied to the Education Ministry and was granted permission to teach until 60 years. However, she did continue to teach to around 80 years of age. Many prominent performers resulted from her teaching. She died in 1996 aged 94.

The current owner inherited the piano and brought it to New Zealand in 1997. Although he is not a pianist himself he has had the instrument regularly tuned and repairs/maintenance effected when required.

TLC Piano Restorers have been favoured to sell this lovely piano on behalf. TLC Restorers offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty and a free tune after 12 months. They can advise and may be able to give practical help regarding finance and trade-in.

For examples of Steinway values you may wish to refer to Remember prices there are quoted in British Pound (GBP£). Multiply the quoted price by three to get an approximate New Zealand dollar comparison. For example, a piano quoted at £25,000 is approximately equivelent to NZD$75,000. Consult your bank or financial advisor for exact conversions.

Steinway is an appreciating asset which means you will not loose money on it if it is kept in condition. You will love playing this instrument and others will be impressed with the tone and looks of it.

A grand piano has many benefits over an upright piano. Grand Pianos generally have longer bass strings, a larger soundboard and a heavier iron frame. Therefore Grand Pianos have:

  • louder tone and wider dynamic range;
  • less inharmonic spectrum of the radiated tone;
  • less “stretched” tuning of the bass section;
  • slower decay of high partials in bass tones;
  • wider spectrum (brighter timbre) of bass tones ;
  • more regular spectrum of tones;
  • different character of treble tones.

In summary, a Grand Piano has a noticeably better tone and is nicer to play.

As to which is best between a Grand Piano and an upright piano ask yourself this, have you even seen a concert pianist play an upright piano? The sound of a Grand is, well…grander!

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